Making Marigold: Beaders of Bulawayo is a portrait of a women’s beading co-operative specialising in loomed beadwork, based in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

Over 200 photographs reveal the sumptuous glamour of the Marigold necklaces and beadwork. Short, stand-alone, narrative vignettes offer background insights into the making and development of the Marigold co-operative; how did these women, whose skilled practice and creative impulses, evident in each necklace, perfect this practice and what has sustained their efforts across decades?

270 x 240 mm

132 pages

ISBN standard edition: 978-981-11-4576-6

ISBN deluxe edition: 978-981-11-4788-3

Publication date: December 2017

Since 2012 Bulawayo Abattoirs have contributed towards the hand-loomed beading initiative and are proud supporters of the Marigold beadwork co-operative

© 2021 Joni Brenner | Marigold Beadwork co-operative, Bulawayo

© 2021 Photography: Liz Whitter