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Lockdown gave us a chance to slow down and take time to see what would happen if all of the effort of a few months was concentrated on a single design. The simple check pattern in a range of widths, lengths, colour-combinations and scale shifts in the small squares resulted in stunning optical complexity! They recall houndstooth, plaid and tweed textiles and have, on one hand, a formality and suit-like structured quality and on the other hand, a voluptuous sensuality. These images capture the initial range, and as with all Marigold beadwork, one design prompts the next, so we will see where this leads us …

0U2A1799_2 copy.jpg
0U2A1803_1 copy.jpg
0U2A1819_1 copy.jpg
0U2A1814_1 copy.jpg
0U2A1818_1 copy.jpg
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