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For this special project Marigold collaborated with researchers Isabel Hofmeyr and Charne Lavery, directors of the project ‘Oceanic Humanities for the Global South’ (OHGS). They posed the question, ‘Can necklaces be made to represent the ocean?’. 


Hofmeyr and Lavery explain that their research project aims to ‘produce new styles of oceanic and watery research in the humanities’ and our response was to try and create a necklace that felt watery. With watercolour painting in mind, we tried to produce a necklace that shifted imperceptibly from one tone to the next in a gradient from dark to light. 


The process was not easy, but the results, in the end, shone! This collaborative undertaking is published in the SAGE journal Multimodality and Society. (PDF attached).


The photographs by Liz Whitter contribute significantly to representing the beads in an oceanic spirit.

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