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The scientific research that inspired this design was published in Nature magazine in 2020, and the Marigold beadwork response to the data was featured on the cover.


This design is a translation of genetic admixture data plots generated by the Sydney Brenner Institute for Molecular Bioscience (SBIMB) at Wits University. The hand-loomed beadwork is a tactile reminder of the humans abstractly represented by the data. 


The link below discusses the research and the decision to feature the beadwork on the cover:

The YouTube link below shows Wits researchers discussing their work on African genomes. Michèle Ramsay explains the Marigold beadwork design based on the research: ‘This pan-African genomic study has inspired art. These are beads that have been made by the Marigold beadwork co-operative in Zimbabwe, where each column, or line of beads represents an individual and the colours each represent different ancestries’. 

Elsabé Brits reported on the genomic research for Daily Maverick:

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